Thank You

The Foxtrot Fanatics have finally achieved all of its primary goals that it initially set out to do back in 2017. Over the years we've made friends, learned things, and made some kick-ass software and subtitles free and open to everyone and anyone. We'd like to take this time to thank everyone that contributed over the years, whether it be transcription, or beta testing the upscaler, or even just a $1 donation to help keep the lights on, we really appreciate it. For now, it's curtains for The Foxtrot Fanatics but if we ever get an inkling to come back and do something bigger and better, we'll be sure to announce it on our twitter: @foxtrotfanatics.

Till then,
-- Team Foxtrot

Who We Are

We're a small team of passionate Code Lyoko fans that embarked on a two-year journey to preserve Code Lyoko in the best quality possible. With the utilization of deep-learning algorithms and cold hard sweat, we brought the finest premium USDA-approved viewing experience for Code Lyoko you would ever lay eyes on. This came with all the fixings: 1440p upscaled Code Lyoko, English subtitles, multiple audio tracks, as well as a few bonus features previously thought to be lost media.

This journey initially started with Christian Deville (Christian77777) in late March of 2017, who was, at the time, trying to improve his home media collection. This quickly snowballed into a group effort when Christian set gaze upon this beloved childhood show and garnered help from the local CL Fan Subreddit. With help from the community,they set out to make a full set of subtitles for the English dub of CL to compliment his home media. This, of course, turned into an effort to also give these subtitles away to those wanting them, such that, those with hearing impairments wanting to enjoy the show or those wanting to enjoy the French dub with English subs could do so. From this, a humble but determined group of subtitlers and programmers gathered, and from the commotion and clatter, the Foxtrot Fanatics was formed, only rivaled by the notorious amateur French band from Kadic: the Pop-Rock Progressives.

What We've Done

Our project was a combination of two complimenting sub-projects making up the whole of The Foxtrot Fanatics

Upscaling Project

Sourcing high quality source
(PAL 576i 25 FPS 4:3 Aspect)

Developing the FoxTrot Upscaler and the Foxtrot ReporterBot

Upscaling source
(PAL 1440p 25 FPS 4:3 Aspect)

Muxing the audio and subtitles with the completed renders

Transcription Project

Recording spoken dialogue and sound effects

Creating colored outlines for each recurring character

Producing '.ASS' formatted subtitles
(for '.MKV' videos)

Producing '.SMI' formated subtitles
(for YouTube)

Audio Languages Included:


Subtitles Languages Included:


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find your video-based work?
Short Answer: Nowhere public.

Long Answer: Right now there is no way to publicly view our remaster of Code Lyoko because we quickly run into issues of copyright law/infringement. This especially considering Mediatoon is trying to maintain a few official outlets for CL viewing. Suffice it to say, they probably wouldn't be too happy with us trying to compete with them with easily higher quality work. We're also the first group, (as far as we know), to upscale CL in its entirety to 1440p, so it's fairly easy to trace any of our remasters back to us. Getting into legal fisticuffs with Mediatoon is the last thing we're looking for.
Where can I find your subtitle-based work?
Short Answer: On our subtitles page

Long Answer: We made the original transcripts via some simple typography rules via our transcription guide, formatted them to a pre Aegisub-form via our Script Eater Bot, and then exported them from Aegisub as .ASS files. We also took the time to convert them to .STI files for YouTube compatibility. All is available via the subtitles link above.
Can you upload your work to Pirates-Bay/MegaUpload/etc.?
Short Answer: No.

Long Answer: At the beginning of this project, we set some standards. One of the first was that we are not a piracy gig. We're not looking to replace the official release. (Which you should probably support if you want to incentivize Mediatoon to bring back CL). We're just quality snobs looking to make some good software and enjoy a good show along the way. Like we said in the question above, it's easy to trace our remastered work back to us, and we're not looking to get in trouble, legal or otherwise.
Are you going to host any more CL-Community-Rewatches?
Short Answer: No.

Long Answer: We've been doing the community rewatches for two straight years, and it was a blast. However, rewatches are hard to schedule, especially when trying to take into account both European and American time zones and the viewership levels don't warrant the time and effort it takes for us to do them.
Can I organize a CL community rewatches?
Short Answer: You absolutely can.

Long Answer: While FTF itself will not be hosting such events anymore, we'd be more than happy to try and sponsor your event and do our best to give you the resources needed to hold it. What resources we can offer are dependant on what it is you're looking to do, so it would be best to contact us privately and work out what is reasonable. At the minimum, we can offer subtitles as well as some basic setup/configs for CyTube, a YouTube synchronizing platform we used to use for our own rewatches. We can also offer some tips/tricks from scheduling/modding from our two years of experience. (Do note that this doesn't inherently include access to our remasters of the show, for most people/groups, we will not provide this).
Are you going to upscale anything else? Like CL: Evolution?
Short Answer: No.

Long Answer: Evolution is already in HD, so upscaling it wouldn't do much good. On top of that, Evolution is a live-action series, which makes upscaling it, not impossible but an absolute pain in the ___. Lots more research on better edge-finders for non-animated images would need to be done and FTU is not currently outfitted to handle such a task. You are absolutely welcome to take a shot at it for yourself because we've since made our Upscaler open-source under GPL 3.0, so you're welcome to use it, as is, or modify it to work with something like CL: Evolution, if +1080p live-action and crapily written story arcs is your thing. :P

Contact Us

For business inquiries, feel free to either tweet us at @foxtrotfanatics or email us at

Legal Notice:

The Foxtrot Fanatics™ and associated Copyright© 2017 unique works are property of The Foxtrot Fanatics
Code Lyoko™ and associated Copyright© 2003 content are property of Mediatoon Distribution and its respective owners